Technical Info

We print on clear and white coated, glossy and matte 0.042" thick aluminum sheeting by Chromaluxe. Currently, we only allow the upload of .jpeg files through the website. Please contact us if you would prefer to use a different format.


White-coated Glossy Chromaluxe: this coating works well with any subject matter in color or B&W. It has a high-gloss surface that emphasizes color and rich detail.

White-coated Matte Chromaluxe: this coating also works well with both color and B&W imagery, but is more suited to high detail close ups, technical photography, and portraiture. Obviously, the photographer's preference is paramount, but we generally don't suggest matte coating for landscapes, sunsets, space, or underwater subjects.

Clear-coated Glossy Brushed Chromaluxe: if used with the right photograph, our clear coated brushed metal can produce some of the most striking presentations of your images. Any white or light areas in a photograph printed on clear coat will allow the grain and color of the aluminum to "show through," creating a stunning metallic effect that often feels deep and holographic and changes in different lighting situations. This coating is most suited to high contrast B&W and color imagery, particularly landscapes, B&W portraits or anatomical studies, and color or B&W images of machinery, buildings, cityscapes, and vehicles. This coating is not suited well for very dark or mostly black imagery as the metal grain will be less pronounced or unnoticeable.


3/16" Punched Holes: a precision punched 3/16" diameter hole will be located at each corner of the print approximately 3/8" from the edge of the metal.

Float Mount: two strips of anodized, black, extruded aluminum are affixed with industrial strength adhesive to the upper and lower areas of the back of the print, inset to minimize visibility from most viewing angles. There is a slot in the extruded aluminum which acts as a hanger. This mounting method creates a floating effect and allows the print to cast a nice shadow on the wall. Float mounted prints sit approximately 5/8" off the wall.

Euroframe: a custom built frame of anodized, black, 1.25" thick extruded aluminum is affixed with industrial strength adhesive flush to the exact rear edge of your print. This mounting method provides a clean, modern and striking look for your print. Euroframed prints are designed to sit flush against the wall, sitting at 1.25" inches, and can be easily hung by most traditional picture hanging methods.

Please view our examples gallery to see all of these options on display in gallery, home, and office settings.


Our prints are created through a special process called sublimation that embeds ink into the recipient coatings on our Chromaluxe aluminum. First, we print a high quality inkjet "negative" of the file that you provide. Then, we press that "negative" and the aluminum at 400° F under enormous pressure to create a "baked in" positive. We then custom trim and sand the edges and apply any mounting options you have selected.

Our metal prints are scratch and fade resistant, but are not intended to be displayed in direct sunlight.